How To Remove Sunless Tanning Lotion From Your Hands

A sunless tanning lotion is a safer alternative to sunbathing and tanning beds. It does not involve the use of ultraviolet rays which are very dangerous and can cause cancers, as well as, premature skin aging. It contains dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It also produces a more natural bronze appearance. Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration had deliberately approved it to be safe. The use of a sunless tanning lotion will provide you with a glorious tan without risking your health and safety. In addition, there are several types of sunless tanning lotion that you can find in the market.

An example is a moisturizing lotion. You have to apply it everyday because it provides gradual tanning. It will slowly darken your skin while moisturizing it. Continuous application of this lotion for about a week will result in a longer tanning effect. Also, it often has sunscreen for skin protection. Then, there is also a self tanner. It may either be in a spray or lotion form. Sometimes, it is also available in a gel form. This self tanner may produce a tan within just minutes.

However, since it usually produces dark tans, it easily creates stains. Nonetheless, these sunless tanning lotions may leave your hands stained afterwards. And having unnaturally tanned palms are hardly very appealing. So, if this happens, what should you do to get the sunless tanning lotion off your hands?

Well, before you go out and drive to the nearest spa to spend up for an expensive exfoliation treatment, there are several home remedies that you can easily do. First, you can try using an exfoliating soap. The sunless tanning lotion only works on the topmost layer of the skin’s epidermis. So, washing with an exfoliating soap will remove dead skin cells and the artificial tan. Then, another way is to exfoliate with a pumice stone. You just have to rub it gently onto your palms to avoid irritation. Nevertheless, you can also simply use sugar or salt granules, a loofah, or a piece of washcloth.

Next, you can also remove the blotches with a mixture of baking soda and water. Just scrub your hands with it thoroughly. Or you can get a small slice of lemon and rub it on the stained area. These methods will most likely lighten the stain or remove it altogether.

But perhaps the most effective and the safest way to remove such annoying sunless tanning lotion stain on your hands is to simply wait for it to fade away. Immersing your hands in water for quite some time will also speed up its fading process. It will also naturally eliminate the tanning lotion’s color on your hands. This is because your hands’ skin cells absorb the water fast; hence, having increased sizes. And the more they increase in size, the more the lotion stain becomes lighter. Then, the stain will eventually fade completely.

But if these home remedies come to no avail, you can still buy products that are specifically made to remove sunless tanning lotion stains.

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